Why Do We Need Property Agents for Property Rentals?

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After all, it’s not as big a decision as property buying or selling, right? Unfortunately, that misconception may be far from the truth. Here’s why:

Property agents can protect and serve as a mediator between both tenant and landlord

Unsure of the market price for rentals in your area? A property agent might. Looking for advice on your right as a tenant before you sign a tenancy agreement? A property agent can help you there. Got a list of qualities your tenant should possess before you allow them to rent your property? That’s right. You can rely on a property agent to help you find a more suitable tenant (and vice versa) before you agree to sign any paperwork. 

By asking questions, seeking advice, and knowing your rights as a tenant or landlord, your property agent should serve as a protection for both parties before anything can come into fruition.

It’s for your own safety

Whilst it’s no doubt that the digital space has evolved and become increasingly convenient over the years, it has also made way for pockets of scams to happen. Whether you’re a renter or a rentee, it’s important (and we can’t stress this enough) to find a property agent who is reliable and trustworthy to ensure you avoid these unwanted cases. Some of the ways that can help is by either doing your due diligence in researching which agent or agency is credible, appointing an agent you already know and are familiar with, or use property apps that have secure user functions. 

Take the PLOT MY app for example. It helps you maximise your property-hunting search and based on a 100% genuine user rating, it also matches you to the right agent to get there. All this, to make sure you go through a proper mediator to ensure your privacy and finances are well protected.

They save you time and energy

Some may not realise this, but renting out a property takes a fair bit of time. From property listing, to communications, viewing, and even conflict resolutions, having a property agent gives you the flexibility to choose how involved you’d like to be in the rental process. Say for example, you’re a landlord who’s facing problems with late payments or damaged property. The appointed agent can deal with these issues so you can avoid any unpleasant confrontations. Same goes if you’re a rentee. If you’re comfortable with said agent after your first time meeting, you could also ask the agent to recommend you other properties with the criterias you’re looking for.

An experienced property agent will do the property filtering based on the requirements you set for your tenancy candidates. They’ll also be the ones doing all the negotiating based on requirements and pricing, on top of the heavy paperwork so you won’t have to.

Again, not having to do your own paperwork

You’ve probably noticed how much we’ve mentioned this, but not having to deal with paperwork really is one of the best parts of having a property agent. Pricing analysis, property rules and regulations, lease agreements, contracts for repair and maintenance, stamping duties, employment credentials, list of furnitures and appliances, are just a few examples of the things you need to sort out prior to your tenants’ move-in date.

So why not leave those to the pros? With the right property agent, you can let them handle the legal documentations whilst also seeking professional advice on your property’s location. This way, you can make the most of your property with the least of your worries.

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Why Do We Need Property Agents for Property Rentals?

After all, it’s not as big a decision as proper...

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