Why Do Listing Photos Matter?

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A picture is worth a thousand words. When you’re putting up your property for sale or rent, you can make it worth possibly ten thousand. In this article, we’re going to talk about why putting up good and quality photos matter, especially for potential buyers and renters.

1. People like nice looking things

Humans are visual creatures. Whether we’re talking about a landscape, a view, a design, a furniture, or even a layout, it’s within our nature to focus on things that are pleasing to the eyes. Having attractive-looking photos when you’re putting your property up for sale or rent tend to promise higher returns in views, leads, and interests.

2. Not everyone is willing to make time

We live in an age where everything moves fast. Having your property listed online is supposed to help prospects expedite their home-hunting process as much as it helps you. With so many listings to go through and so little time, buyers and renters could potentially skip past your listing if there’s nothing in it for them. To avoid this from happening, ensure that your listing photos reflect well on your property. Doing this also implies a mutual respect of your time, as well as theirs.

3. You’re showing how valuable your property is

The more you show how much you care for your property, the more others will too. And this really reflects in how you snap your photos. Say your living room looks best in the morning light, whilst the bedroom looks the cosiest at sunset. You’ll want these photos to be well-lit and well-taken. Being able to capture these moments can add an experiential appeal to your property listing. All it takes are simply angles, lighting or filtering to bring the space to life. By upping your photography game, you can show the value of your property for what it really is.

4. Give them the information they need so they can come with expectations

Property hunting can be stressful, for both owner and prospect. Good news is that by the time they click on your listing, it already means they’re interested. To help prospects further solidify their decisions especially now that you’ve been shortlisted, it’s always good to write out a detailed description on your property, while they marvel at your photos. This ensures they set an appointment to view your property with fair, honest and most importantly, anxiety-free expectations.

5. Good photos make you look good

Marketing takes effort. It’s good to keep in mind that you’re competing against plenty of other properties. If other listings have attractive, well-lit photos that you don’t, it’ll be hard to get prospects to walk through those doors. So by making sure your listing photos are well, accurate, and good, you’re showing how reliable you are as a property-hunting partner. 

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