Simple MCO-friendly Reminders to Abide By for High Rise Residents!

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Whilst MCO is expected to end come New Year, it’s vital that we stay safe especially in these COVID-19 pre-vaccine times. Until the day comes when we can walk the streets freely again (with no worries!), here are some friendly reminders on what to do to keep yourself and others safe, even more so if you live in a high-rise building!

Avoid having visitors over

While it’s nice to have company over for potlucks or tea time, it’s best to avoid accepting guests at this point in time, even after MCO is well over. For the simple reason that you’ve managed to stay safe from the virus so far, but it’s hard to say the same for your visitors!

Whether they live in the area, or are coming from other towns or states, it’s hard to guarantee that they may not be carrying the virus into your home — especially when carriers may also be asymptomatic. This step not only ensures the safety of your own household, but your neighbours as well.

No organising/attending parties or gatherings

Unfortunately, until things are safe again, the more is really not the merrier — especially in a small, confined space. While MCO regulations do allow open houses or visits during festive celebrations (provided it doesn’t exceed a party of over 20 people), it’s best to avoid such events because it increases the risk of an infection.

Given the nature of how contagious the virus can be, we reckon being on voluntary isolation is a lot better (and safer!) than one that is forced.

Recreational area etiquettes

We know: staying home for too long may drive one crazy. So a little fresh air or a walk around the compound may do all of us good. Granted, so long it doesn’t involve a group activity and it enables you to keep a safe distance of at least 100m. Unless it’s a no-contact, no-sharing sport such as jogging or badminton, it’s best to stay clear of any in-building facility that might put you at risk.

This includes the gym, swimming pool as well as any activity that’s not allowed during the MCO.

Opt to self-collect

Be it food deliveries or any online shopping spree, always opt to personally pick up your delivered goods at the lobby or the main entrance instead of having them send it right to your door. 

For one, it controls the movement of whoever comes in and out of your building. Thus, lessening the risk for both parties (your household and the delivery person) by keeping your environment safe. Two, it also gives you the chance to sanitise the package your delivery came in before bringing it into your home environment.

Absolutely no getting into crowded lifts

Waiting for the lift can be a real pain, especially when you’re pressed for time.

But since the start of the MCO, most high rise buildings have implemented a no-more-than-4-persons rule to reduce the risk of infection in a confined space. It’s wise to follow these rules stringently not only for your safety, but for peace of mind as well.

If you’re not in your own home, wear a mask

Yes, even if you’re just taking out the trash. While everyone around you may be

doing their part to flatten the curve, it’s hard to say when or where is it safe enough to leave home without protection. To be completely safe, wear a mask at all times. This way, you can protect yourself from airborne viruses or unexpected encounters.

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Simple MCO-friendly Reminders to Abide By for High Rise Residents!
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Simple MCO-friendly Reminders to Abide By for High Rise Residents!

Whilst MCO is expected to end come New Year, it...

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