Property Agents: A Handy Guide for Navigating Through MCO

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The recent widespread pandemic has taken a toll on many industries — even more so for those whose job security is heavily dependent on appointments and sales. After conducting a survey on those serving in the sales market, we’ve configured a list of things property agents can consider as we look forward to a healthier, Covid-19-free Malaysia!

Keep calm and keep busy

As property agents, most of our bread and butter comes from leads, appointments and viewings. But it’s not always possible from home. So what you can do until it’s finally time to leave the house is to research, research and more research.

Expand your knowledge on future prospective areas, and figure out which property or development might bring you more opportunities. This way, you can provide the right information and expertise to potential leads, prospects or even existing clients.

Plan ahead

Our economy’s future might be bleak at the moment. But it shouldn’t deter you from seeing the brighter side of things. Observe the demands and sentiments people might have about the property market on the social space. From the data you’ve collected, you can prepare and come up with possible solutions to tackle these concerns once the Movement Control Order is lifted.

Jump on those cold calls

With everyone staying put at home, it’s a great time to make cold calls and have a conversation with future prospects. Identify your target market and who you think would be interested in purchasing property. This way, you can streamline your targets and better your chances at setting appointments come post-MCO. 

Pay attention to new launch projects

People are attracted to good deals. It’s always good to open a pitch with offers that are hard to resist. While you’re doing research, check in on new launch projects in high-potential areas. Identify which projects are offering more rebates and installment deposits and use it to your advantage. 

Focus on sub-sales and/or renting

Even with the uprising of Covid-19, we know that the property market won’t be heavily impacted because it’s considered as a necessity. However, that won’t stop people from being apprehensive about spending money.

With this in mind, try shifting your focus to sub-sales or rentals. While keeping sale listings at the back of your mind, you can offer budget-friendly alternatives for those looking for either short-term or long-term housing.

Be open to digitisation

Online users are multiplying by the day - both on widescreen (computers and laptops) and smallscreens (smartphones and tablets). Matter of fact is, most property searches do start online. A good way to get leads is to meet them at where they’re at. 

Consider creating a social media account and updating it with informational, relevant content to gain more traction. The more people know of you, the better. Otherwise, you could also try doing virtual tours to increase productivity. While it can be a little pricey depending on your service provider, it can also help you generate better leads in the long run.

Keep motivating yourself!

It can be easier said than done, especially on rainy days. This is why self-motivation is extremely important in ensuring you’re looking straight ahead. Find inspiration, pay attention to trends, and keep a diary of self-reflection to remind yourself why you chose this industry in the first place. You’ve come a long way, and you’re going to keep going even long after MCO is done. Thumbs up!

With the rising increase in confirmed Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, we understand how tough of a time it must be for property agents nationwide. We at Plot, believe in facilitating, assisting and enhancing how property agents can work. So during this stay-at-home period, we try to provide hope and information to be able to help you ease your job.

Download the PLOT app today so we can help you on your real estate career. The app is designed to ease the property-hunting process for both prospects and agents by matching both parties directly, via speedy appointment management system.

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